The United States is a federation of 50 states: 48 of them are situated in the “mainland” which a territory that lies between Canada and Mexico and between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The two states that are not in the mainland are Alaska and the Hawaii Islands: Alaska lies north-west of Canada and the Hawaii Islands lie in the Pacific Ocean. The USA also includes some islands in the Caribbean sea and in the Pacific Ocean.

The United States is a very vast country, in fact it extends over four Time Zones: Eastern, central Mountain and Pacific. If you cross a Time Zone travelling westwards, you have to put your watch back by one hour  if you travel east, you must put your watch forward one hour. There is also a difference of six hours between the Atlantic coast of the USA and Italy.

In the United States there are two principal mountain chains: the Rocky mountains, called Rockies, and the Appalachians. The Rockies are situated in the western part of the country and they are taller than the Appalachians that lie in eastern part of the USA. Of the many rivers flowing through the U.S., the Mississippi is the longest; it rises in Minnesota and it flows into the Gulf of Mexico forming a large delta. The Rio Grande separates the United States from Mexico. The Colorado river flows through the Grand Canyon and the Hudson river flows through New York.
Five very big lakes are situated along the border with Canada; they are Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Between  Lake Erie and Lake Ontario flows the Niagara river that forms the famous Niagara falls.
In Utah there is the Great Salt Lake which is very salty and in summer it becomes a salty desert.
The lowest pointing the U.S. is Death Valley, about 94 m below the sea level. It is also the hottest point, with a record temperature of +51°.


There are a lot of varieties of English in the world. The most popular are British English and American English. They present differences in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. For example American people say "cookie", but the British ones say "biscuit". in British English you say "I want to..." but in American English you say "I wanna...". Finally, British people write "centre" and American people write "center".


New York is an enormous city of nearly 8 million inhabitants. It is formed by five districts, called boroughs: Richmond, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. The most important borough is Manhattan. Manhattan is an island lying between the estuaries of two rivers, the Hudson and the East River. The story of Manhattan is interesting: in 1626 a Dutchman bought the island from the Indians for $24 and founded a town which he called New AmsterdamManhattan was a Dutch colony for 50 years, then the British took it and changed the name of the town: they called it New York, in honor of the Duke of York, the King’s brother. Manhattan has many quarters, like Chinatown, the Chinese quarter, or Harlem, the black district, or Little Italy, where many descendants of Italian immigrants live. The heart of the city is the central section of the island where there is a l a large park, called Central Park. Central Park is 4km long and 800 m wide New Yorkers go cycling, horseback riding, swimming or jogging in it. Parallel to Central Park there are some of the most famous streets in the world, like Broadway, the streets of the theatres and entertainment. Broadway is also the longest city street in the world: it’s 64 km long! One of the most famous monuments of the U.S. is in New York: the Statue of Liberty. It is situated on a small island at the entrance of New York’s harbour. The Statue of liberty (also called miss Liberty) was built in France in 1887 and donated to the U.S. as a symbol of the friendship between the two countries.


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